Image Credit: Ron MacNeill

Kevin Fifth

NEWS Sunday 27th March 2016, 8:30am

by Toby Lerone

Kevin Wölbert rushed away after our practice session on Friday and flew back to Germany to race there.

He was taking part in the Osterpokal (Easter Cup) at Gustrow and it all came down to his last race after picking up ten points. A win in his final race would have seen him have, at least, a run off for first. Instead he finished third in that race and that left him in fifth place overall.

The winner was Russian, Renat Gafurov. King's Lynn's new German signing Kai Huckenbeck finished second, Newcastle's Robert Lambert third and Kjastas Puodzuks of Latvia fourth.

Kevin will be back for the season opener at Armadale on Friday against Belle Vue.