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Max Looking For Improvement

NEWS Monday 25th April 2016, 1:51pm

by Toby Lerone

Max Clegg has experienced an indifferent season so far, particularly away from home, but he is doing everything he can to get back to being one of the most exciting riders that we have seen round Armadale.

Max's away form has certainly deserted him having beaten only team mate Dan Bewley at Glasgow in our three matches to date. We've only had two home matches so far but Max hasn't been his exciting normal self.

Said Max, "There's nothing more than I want to do than score lots of points for the Border Roofing Monarchs. Everybody has been so good to me at Armadale and the best way I can repay everyone is to score points. That hasn't been easy for me but I'm working at it all the time and hope that everything will be good shortly."

Max went to Peterborough on Sunday evening for some after match practice and he will be in action for Cradley on Monday evening against King's Lynn. Max added, "The Peterborough practice was good and I'm hoping to do well on Monday evening and I'll be trying for a maximum."

Over the past forty eight hours Max has been the subject of some criticism on social media including one supporter who has even been sending Max personal messages of abuse. In answer to that person and other who may launch attacks on riders co-promoter, Alex Harkess said, "The ethos of our team is to build confidence and promote encouragement. That's what creates team spirit. Jye went out after the meeting on Friday for a practice. Once he was finished he got a round of applause from those who had stayed to watch. He was delighted with that. We need to help Max in a similar way and give him every encouragement possible."