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Dan smiles perhaps a little too much in the rain! Image Credit: Ron MacNeill

Washed Away Again

NEWS Friday 24th June 2016, 10:55pm

by Toby Lerone

More rain at Armadale brought the postponement of Friday evening's Scottish Derby between the Border Roofing Monarchs and the Glasgow Tigers.

Although the morning and into early afternoon was dry at the track a shower fell at half past one that Alan Bridgett described as, "of monsoon proportions". Despite that we were hopeful that the match would go ahead as it was a warm afternoon and with some sunshine the track was drying.

However, the rain came on again, quite heavily, at half past three and, with it still falling at five o'clock and the forecast suggesting that the rain would continue to fall until seven the decision was taken to call off the match. Needless to say the rain went off ten minutes later and very soon thereafter the skies cleared and the late afternoon turned into one of the most pleasant we have enjoyed this season.

Despite the late good weather the track was still very very wet at start time and some rain was falling again at that time.

Said Club Chairman, Alex Harkess, "We are bitterly disappointed to lose our biggest fixture of the season to the weather. To lose two consecutive fixtures to the weather in the height of summer is incredibly disappointing and to stage only one home team match in the month of June is unbelievable. The financial cost to the Club has been hefty and I hope that our supporters will get right behind us as we try to build some momentum in the weeks ahead."

Advance online tickets purchased for this match will be valid next week or will remain valid for a future match until used.

No new date has been fixed for the re-staging nor for last week's match against Plymouth. With doubling up raiders and foreign commitments it is no longer an easy task to set dates again although there are still plenty of dates available before the cut off date for the play-offs.