The first heat under way Image Credit: Ron MacNeill

Tough Task in the Knockout Cup

REPORT Sunday 31st July 2016, 6:20pm

by Mike Hunter

The Border Roofing Monarchs didn’t ride well at Ashfield today and it will take an exceptional performance in the second leg on 26th August if we are to reach the semis.

Monarchs’ boss John Campbell said “We don’t have any excuses. I can’t remember the last time we were so bad. The Glasgow fans will certainly believe they can’t lose.

“It was a shocking performance. Difficult to believe the reserves could be so good on Friday but so bad today.

“However, it’s not over till it’s over, we have a team full of Armadale track experts and they haven’t so we will be going for it on 26th August.”

Our only race winner in the early stages was Ryan Fisher in heat 3, heading the strong pairing of Richie Worrall and Rene Bach. We had a long run of second places but had slipped 34-20 behind by the time of our next race winner which was Erik Riss in heat 10 with an excellent win over Lawson.

We then lost another 5-1 in heat 11, 18 down and at this point there was a track inspection following some rain. The match was eventually called off after heat 14 with the score at 54-30, and we can hardly deny that the home team would have been favourites to take an advantage in heat 15.

None of our side hit their best form. In the case of Sam Masters it was perhaps tough to expect him to be at his very best after two days of World Cup racing, but whatever the reasons we will have to perform a great deal better in the second leg.