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2 For Tea Image Credit: Ron MacNeill

That's All Folks - Part 2

PREVIEW Thursday 20th October 2016, 7:28pm

by Graham Muncie

So a fortnight ago I was all set to bring the curtain down on the Monarchs 2016 season with a song. Then it was a case of lights out and so we try again as for the 11th time this season we attempt to race the Glasgow Allied Vehicle Tigers.

Before writing this I thought how do I top a song. With it being the 11th effort do I try putting as many bingo references as possible but then I remembered no one wants me to talk about speedway riders legs and it may bring speedway into disrepute if I insinuate that anyone on either side should be known as two fat ladies and writing the word Duck a lot is a typo waiting to happen.

Next up I thought off the famous movie scene from Spinal Tap where of course we all know that 11 is 1 louder (and hopefully brighter) than the tenth effort once again though that was an accident waiting to happen.

Then I remembered the golden rule of these previews......... no one is reading it for my thoughts on anything they just want to know about the meeting!

So with that in mind there is some team news for tomorrow night. The Monarchs are minus 3 of their regulars with Sam in Oz to have another crack at the Melbourne GP on Saturday morning. Ryan has now ridden off into the sunset and no doubt will be watching updates from afar and young Dan continues to be missed now with a broken collarbone from a mountain biking accident to add to his woes.

Replacement for Sam is a well known face though (doubly so as his twin lines up at number 1 for the Tigers) in 2014 league winner Steve Worrall. R/R operates for The Fish with all bar Steve available to take an extra ride. At reserve we were all set to use Ben Hopwood again but unfortunately he picked up a knock riding National League on Monday so Cradley’s Ben Basford deputises.

For the Tigers they will line-up with their normal line-up pending man and machine making it through the 2nd leg of their playoff semi 2nd leg at Ashfield this evening.

So it’s all down to tomorrow as we look to maintain an unbeaten home league record in a year that will be remembered for many things (keep an eye out for a season review in a couple of weeks) finally if you will allow me a modicum of self indulgence once again I would like to thank everyone who read any of these this season. I have enjoyed writing them and hope you have enjoyed reading. I will be back next year (if I’m invited and please god with better weather and less potential matches against Glasgow) so let me wish you all a happy winter and for the final time (hopefully) let’s be seeing you all trackside tomorrow night.