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Race Day Update

NEWS Friday 21st October 2016, 11:30am

by Toby Lerone

For the second time this year we reach the last meeting of the season. The weather looks good throughout the day and after the electrical fault that caused the abandonment of our last meeting was quickly located and repaired we have undertaken a major review of the electrical system to ensure there is no problem tonight.

Problems is a thing that both teams encounter tonight. After a very challenging time finding a replacement for Dan Bewley, and we are grateful to Cradley's Ben Basford for helping out, we got news on Thursday that Max Clegg will also be missing. Apparently Max hurt his shoulder in winning his final four races at Eastbourne last Saturday and is not fit.

Already being aware of the difficulty in finding reserve replacements, we contacted local rider, Kev Whelan. Although he was not even in the country at the time he has agreed to change his travel plans to race on Friday evening. Growing up as a Monarchs fan, Kev is delighted to be given the opportunity.

Glasgow also have problems after their very surprising loss to Sheffield in the Premier League Play off on Thursday evening. Fernando Garcia crashed in heat 14 of the match at Glasgow last night and it looks like his season is over. They have enlisted the services of Isle of Wight's Chris Widman as a replacement.

We have continued to issue refunds from our abandoned meeting a fortnight ago but we still have a number to issue. Anyone who has not yet received a refund and would like to attend tonight's match can phone the stadium, 01501 734404, and if the refund has not yet been made we will have the ticket available at the gate tonight.

We do not have a new programme tonight but we will issue a new race card to those who purchased a programme a fortnight ago and bring that with them tonight. There are limited changes from the programme of a fortnight ago.

During our end of season presentations at the end of the meeting tonight we intend to make the presentation of the race jackets to our sponsors. Those involved should listen for an announcement tonight of arrangements for this.