Club Statement - Edinburgh v Ipswich

NEWS Saturday 19th August 2017, 9:00am

by Monarchs Press Office

Following Friday night's unfortunate postponement of the Parsons Peebles Monarchs match against the Ipswich Witches at Armadale Stadium, the Club would like to apologise to those who were in attendance for the events that unfolded.

Throughout Friday morning and early afternoon Armadale experienced significant rainfall. However, with the rain stopping and the forecast improving there was great belief that the the match could go ahead as planned.

Initial work began in earnest to return the track to its usual good condition, however these efforts were hindered by unforecast late afternoon rainfall. Nonetheless, the track team were on course to having the track ready to race.

Further unexpected rain fell around 6:30pm as the admission gates were due to open. With this rain stopping by 6:40pm the SCB Meeting Referee consulted with the riders of both teams and the decision was taken to proceed, with this the gates were opened.

An area of the track around the starting gate was highlighted for attention and with work promptly completed in this area all seemed ready to go.

During the time of this work, the riders raised new concerns about another area of the track around the first bend. Further work was carried out in an attempt to alleviate these concerns, however the condition of the track could not be rectified to the level of expectation of the riders within a reasonable timescale.

Following further discussions between the Meeting Referee, team captains and team managers the decision was taken to postpone the meeting with the safety of the riders paramount.

The Club would once again like to apologise for these events, particularly the delay before the disappointing postponement, and hope for better weather in the coming weeks.

Supporters who were in attendance should keep ahold of their readmission receipt to gain admission at any of the standard Monarchs fixtures remaining this season.

Due to the reduced admission prices for the Caledonian Riders' Championship on August 25th and the Intermediate Challenge against Buxton on September 1st, readmission tickets will not be valid for these fixtures.

Supporters who are unable to attend another match this season should get in touch with the Club by emailing to request a refund.

Dates for rescheduling the match against Ipswich are currently being looked at and will be announced as soon as one is agreed.