Image Credit: Gordon Campbell

We've got it covered

NEWS Wednesday 6th September 2017, 11:08pm

by Toby Lerone

We have a determination to defeat Workington and Ipswich on Friday night to move a step closer to the play-offs but we also have a determination to beat the weather to ensure that Friday's meeting goes ahead and to assist as in that desire we have covered the track to defeat the worst of the rain forecast for Thursday.

It's has proved to be a big job. Ronnie Anderson and his team commenced the job late on Wednesday morning and Promoters John Campbell and Alex Harkess and their gang completed the task on Wednesday evening. Josh Pickering even called into the stadium to lend a hand.

The track was fully prepared for the meeting on Saturday so it is ready to go as soon as the covers are lifted. The forecast is much better for Friday but it will still take a big squad to remove the covers on Friday afternoon.

Said Alex Harkess, "Friday's showers are to die out as the afternoon progresses but it is likely that we'll have to move quickly to get the covers off and undertake the final track preparations. We will welcome anybody who can come out and give us a hand. They'll be our guests at the meeting later in the day as a reward. We don't know yet when we will uncover the track until we see the forecast on Friday but we'll update our website, facebook and twitter on Friday morning with a likely time and will confirm later in the day the exact time through the same media outlets. If you can lend a hand we'd be grateful."