A great night with Rosco

NEWS Sunday 21st January 2018, 1:37am

by Mike Hunter

  Edinburgh Monarchs

A great night was had by all at tonight’s Monarchs 100 Burns Supper with special guest Alun Rossiter (in full Scottish regalia), and once again a good sum was raised for the Monarchs.

More than £2000 was raised for the club funds for which the organisers and everyone present were thanked by an appreciative Alex Harkess.

Guests enjoyed the full Burns Supper, with poetry and toasts, followed by a very interesting Q&A between Scott Wilson and Rosco, with the GB and Swindon boss as always very forthright in his answers. The content of his responses was strictly for the ears of those present!

It was particularly interesting to hear Alun say that he had worked on his own approach to management before last season’s sensational Premiership conclusion, feeling that he had to remain calm whilst not allowing himself to get too passionate as he possibly had in the past. "It was what the riders wanted from me," he said.

With all of the 2018 Monarchs out of the country, the riding side was also represented by Kenny McKinna, Brian Collins and Mitchell Davey who will of course be racing for Rossiter at Swindon in the coming season.

The evening would have ended with the usual Runrig “Loch Lomond” Finale, but Alun Rossiter called for an encore and we had Frank Sinatra to conclude the event!