Image Credit: RC Jones

Birthday Boy flies in

NEWS Thursday 15th March 2018, 10:40pm

by Toby Lerone

Our new American signing Max Ruml flew into Edinburgh on Thursday just in time to quietly celebrate his 21st birthday.

Max was looking a little shattered as he stepped off the delayed flight up from Heathrow and said, "I'm not a party animal so I wouldn't have been doing anything special tonight. Certainly no big party. Maybe a nice meal with my girlfriend. But I'm hear to do a job and that's the most important thing."

Max has a bit of work to do before he is ready to race. His bikes are currently sitting in the midlands of England and he was just finalising arrangements on his arrival. He will also have a bit to do in finishing the building of the bikes.

Max joins Matt Williamson, Ricky Wells and Josh Pickering as being present in the country with the Riss Boys arriving on Sunday and Joel Andersson on Monday.

Talking of Joel Andersson we have had a slight hiccup with his season long accommodation which won't now be available until next weekend. We'd be happy to hear from anyone who could offer him accommodation for a week.