Comets 2018 Image Credit: Dave Payne

Solid Comets provide the opposition

NEWS Wednesday 11th April 2018, 9:14pm

by Mike Hunter

The Staggs Bar Monarchs race their first match in the Championship Shield this Friday with Workington Comets providing the opposition. It’s a much changed Comets’ lineup from last season with only captain Ty Proctor remaining from the team which visited last September.

Matt Williamson (Monarchs) and Dan Bewley (Comets) will line up against their former clubs and New Zealander Bradley Wilson-Dean is a strong guest replacement for the injured Mason Campton in the visiting side. The teams also race at Workington on Saturday with Shield points again at stake.

New Monarch Matt looked forward to the matches, saying: “I had a great time at Workington but we have moved on to pastures new now, and it would be nice if we can go there and win. I think we can. Obviously a lot of the boys are really experienced and they do know a lot themselves, but as I have had a season at Workington I can always tell them what I’ve found and offer help if they need it.”

Monarchs’ team manager Alex Harkess added “This weekend, first things first, we’ve got to win the home match and win it well. Then we’ll take on Workington at their place. Totally different tracks of course but nevertheless we should have a few riders there capable of a good score, and a few more who can contribute to take us into a very good score. We’ve certainly got enough riders to make a decent match of it.”


Friday 13th April Staggs Bar Monarchs v Workington Comets (Championship Shield) 7:30pm

Teams for Friday:

STAGGS BAR MONARCHS: Ricky Wells, Max Ruml, Mark Riss, Joel Andersson, Erik Riss (captain), Matt Williamson, Josh Pickering.

WORKINGTON: Rene Bach, Rasmus Jensen, Ty Proctor (captain), Dan Bewley, Nicolai Klindt, Kyle Bickley, Bradley Wilson-Dean (Guest).

Following the senior match, there will be a Northern Junior League match between the Dale Devils and Workington. Theo Pijper’s son Ace (Devils), and Carl Stonehewer’s son Beau (Comets), race in this 6-heat event.

Saturday 14th April Workington v Staggs Bar Monarchs (Championship Shield) 7pm