Image Credit: Ron MacNeill

Point At Workington

REPORT Saturday 14th April 2018, 9:33pm

by Graham Muncie

The Staggs Bar Monarchs battled manfully going down 47-43 at Derwent Park this evening gaining a consolation point in the process.

It was a fairly eventful evening in what was a tight contest throughout. The Monarchs started well and we were all square after 6 races. We had seen flashes that we may have a chance with Erik looking imperious in his two rides particularly in a third to 1st ride in heat 4.

Ricky and Mark had also started well so we were happy at this point. Unfortunately a bit of a mid meeting dip impacted us as we then fell back by 8 points by heat 10.

This included the first tactical substitute use of the new season for the Monarchs. Ricky Wells joined Erik Riss in heat 9 and we were looking for a 5-1. This was not to be as Erik suffered a puncture causing him to miss the 2 minutes and while he battled back to take 3rd a chance was missed

Max Ruml improved as the night progressed and it was pleasing to see his pass of Kyle Bickley in heat 11 as he showed his battling qualities. The Californian was happy with his and the team’s performance saying “I was happy with that, I was up in the mix with the rest of the guys and it was better than my last time here it’s a learning curve for me this year but I’m definitely happy with that. We are disappointing not to get the win, we had a few blips during the meeting but it is early in the season and the team is gelling well and we will get better.”

One man who was in tremendous form was Ruml’s fellow American Ricky Wells who after a heat 1 2nd rolled to 5 consecutive wins and a 17 point score.

There was a bit of controversy in heat 13 when Rene Bach was more than forceful with Erik Riss on the 4th bend, there were a few words exchanged after the heat but Erik did his talking the right way by doing his job with Ricky in heat 15 securing the point for the Monarchs.

All in all a point was the least the MOnarchs deserved for their efforts and most can go home happy as for the home fans they get a win and real promise shown from Jensen and Bewley and for the Monachs faithful a point gained on the road and excellent performances form our top 2.


Workington Comets – Rene Bach 7+1, Rasmus Jensen 11+1, Charles Wright 7, Dan Bewley 6+1, Nicolai Klindt 7, Kyle Bickley 1, Bradley Wilson-Dean 8+2

Edinburgh Staggs Bar Monarchs – Ricky Wells 17, Max Ruml 3. Mark Riss 4+1, Joel Andersson 3, Erik Riss 10+1, Matt Williamson 5, Josh Pickering 1

** It should also be noted that the Staggs Bar Monarchs rode the match under protest in regards the Workington line-up specifically the use of a facility for Ty Proctor.