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A 5-1 in the last heat Image Credit: Taylor Lanning

8-point defeat after a slow start

REPORT Sunday 22nd April 2018, 5:25pm

by Graham Muncie

A slow start which saw us trail 4-14 after three races was the downfall at Glasgow today. We fought back well and had some good performances as we finally lost out 41-49.

Our star turns were the Riss boys with six wins or paid wins between them. Ricky Wells won one heat and there was plenty of entertainment from battling Josh Pickering who took paid 10 from no. 7.

The Staggs Bar Monarchs made a horrendous start to the match and found themselves 10 down after only 3 heats on what at the time looked like it would be a very slick track.

That was not to be the way of things to come though as an enthralling match was to follow. The score line was never really close enough for any drama to come of that but the newly shaped Ashfield circuit served up some fantastic action not least from Pickering at reserve including what was from a Monarchs point of view race of the night in heat 4 when the young Aussie rounded Chris Harris and then James Sarjeant in exhilarating style. Pickering was happy enough with his performance saying after the match "My first ride was a bit of a disaster; my killswitch came out as I dropped the clutch and I've never done that before but I suppose it gave me a kick up the backside for the rest of my rides. The outside line was consistent so it worked for me, all in all the team just need to come on a bit, I was so busy I only really saw 2 races but the team battled hard and we were competitive."

Pickering was never far away from the thick of the action but he was joined by some top notch racing on both sides. Lewis Kerr and Claus Vissing were particularly impressive for the home men with Kerr's battle with Erik Riss in heat 6 a highlight and Vissing also producing a ride of the night contender in heat 14 when he stalked Pickering and Mark Riss picking the win up on the line by the slimmest of margins.

As previously mentioned by Pickering the outside line was there to be attacked by those with the fortitude to do so and this worked to great effects in outstanding efforts by home captain Chris Harris and the Monarchs own captain Erik Riss.

So all in all a match the Staggs Bar Monarchs come away from empty handed and it now looks like the Championship Shield group is out with our reaches, all is not lost though as the semi finals can still be reached via being the best placed runner up so all is still to play for as the Monarchs welcome Berwick to Armadale next Friday.