Line Up Nears Completion

NEWS Tuesday 8th May 2018, 6:00pm

by Toby Lerone

The line up for this Friday's 2018 Harrisons Scottish Open Championship is nearing completion with just one spot left to fill.

Two interesting looking additions have been announced to add some spice from overseas. Making their way from the continent to join the field will be Germany's Marius Hillebrand and Denmark's Tobias Thomsen.

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Also currently available are Matt Williamson, Kevin Doolan, Rory Schlein, Ben Barker and Paul Starke. Book your package now:

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With the draw being completed during last Friday's match at Armadale, the line up currently is as follows:

1. Richie Worrall

2. Marius Hillebrand

3. Erik Riss

4. Tobias Thomsen

5. Sam Masters

6. Ricky Wells

7. Joel Andersson

8. Matt Williamson

9. Paul Starke

10. Mark Riss

11. Max Ruml

12. Josh Pickering

13. To Be Announced

14. Rory Schlein

15. Kevin Doolan

16. Ben Barker

It is set to be an exciting evening at Armadale Stadium as some top names go all out to clinch the famous Jack Young Memorial Trophy. The action gets underway this Friday at 7:15pm.