Fixture Continuity Coming Your Way Soon

NEWS Wednesday 30th May 2018, 8:00am

by Toby Lerone

Although there will be no fixture at Armadale this Friday, 1st June, thereafter we'll have a match on every Friday, with the exception of Cardiff GP weekend, all the way through to September.

Said Co-promoter John Campbell, "With the early season weather and the recent disjointed nature of our recent fixtures we've been unable to build any momentum in our fixture list. That's been no good for the riders and certainly challenging for supporters to know when we'll have a match. However, that's about to change."

Beginning on 8th June the Club now has confirmed dates on all Fridays, except the Championship Pairs Friday at Somerset on 20th July, all the way through to the end of August with a Championship match against Lakeside and a Scottish Cup tie against Glasgow, not to mention a possible KO Cup semi final, all to be fitted in during September."

Concluded Campbell, "I tried really hard to fill the blank date on 18th May and this Friday but it just wasn't possible. Now I'm delighted that I don't have that worry for a few months."

Expect news on our Platinum Jubilee meeting on 22nd June imminently.