Richie Worrall, still unbeaten Image Credit: Ron MacNeill

A wet night and an early finish

REPORT Friday 10th August 2018, 10:32pm

by Mike Hunter

We've had pretty good weather for most of this season but tonight our luck ran out and the match against Berwick was abandoned with the Bandits leading 10-8.

Fans coming out from Edinburgh may have gone through some pretty heavy rain but at first it seemed that Armadale had avoided the worst of it. The track was wet but the riders coped reasonably well until the heavy stuff, unscheduled in any of the forecasts, arrived during heat 3.

Bandits had made a strong start, with Aaron Summers well clear in heat 1 (shared) then Theo Pijper and Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen taking an easy 5-1 in heat 2.

Richie Worrall barged ahead in heat 3 chased by David Howe, and when Richie lost control on the first corner of the last lap it seemed Howe must come through to win. However Richie brilliantly regained control and came back round his opponent on the last turn to maintain his unbeaten Armadale record for another week.

Referee Margaret Vardy announced the decision that the meeting was off, saying "The rain is persistent and the cloud is not going to move. It would take too long to repair the track."

Subject to confirmation this match may be restaged as part of a double header on 31st August.