Image Credit: Ron MacNeill

Crowds on the Up

NEWS Wednesday 29th August 2018, 8:00am

by Toby Lerone

The good news coming from Armadale at the moment is that attendances at the stadium have been increasing since the Cardiff GP as we enjoy a consistent run of league matches.

Said co-promoter John Campbell, "We were hit greatly at the start of the season by losing two of our first three matches to the weather and although we tried really hard to maintain a consistent series of events each Friday there were some dates that we couldn't fill. I'm in no doubt that no having a match each Friday does have an effect on attendances."

Campbell continued, " However, when we got past the Pairs weekend and we started a run of league matches on each Friday from the end of July our crowds have risen each week until last Friday in our match with Glasgow we had our biggest crowd since 2015. Of course that was boosted by a large travelling support from the west and I don't expect to maintain that size of crowd I am hopeful that our regular weekly attendance will continue to ride."

"Every match we have between now and the end of the season is the equivalent of a cup final, a match we must win. I've been reading on a speedway forum for weeks now that the end of speedway in this country as we know it is nigh. However, I think that if you put on a good show, with exciting racing, then the public will still turn out to see it. I'm delighted that is proving to be the case at the moment."

The Staggs Bar Monarchs face another important match at Armadale on Friday with the visit of Workington. We still have places available in our VIP Hospitality area for anyone wishing to add some food and drink to their night.