Ella (second right) with John Campbell, Molly Bell and Alex Harkess Image Credit: Ron MacNeill

A big, big loss

NEWS Sunday 4th November 2018, 10:11am

by Mike Hunter

We are very sorry to have to bring you the news that our very prominent and popular supporter Ella MacDonald has died. There was concern that she hadn't arrived at the club's annual dance on Saturday night and friends then found the tragic reason why.

The biggest loss will be felt by family and friends, though many of us consider ourselves in the latter category. Just about everyone at Armadale must have known Ella who sold our weekly "Half Cut" draw tickets with her sidekick Molly Bell. Ella also looked after the supporters bus coming out from Edinburgh each Friday, and had arranged most of the away match travel for supporters for many years. The feature "Ella's Buses" has been in the match programme for a very long time, and she has been a prominent member of both the MSSC and the Skittles Community for as long as anyone can remember.

Ella was kind, friendly and generous and a great sport. Whether it was singing in a karaoke or winning the ladies' race at Frede Schott's Testimonial Cycle Speedway, she would always have a go at anything. She liked to look after her fellow travellers on the bus trips and always had a famous tin of sweets which she passed round at regular intervals.

She will be fondly remembered and massively missed.