Piping in the haggis Image Credit: Ron MacNeill

Good night with Rory

NEWS Sunday 13th January 2019, 6:54pm

by Mike Hunter

The Monarchs 100 staged another first-class event at Danderhall last night when Scottish Open Champion and former Monarch Rory Schlein was the guest of honour at the organisation's third Burns Supper.

Food provided by various donors and a dedicated team of helpers, who cooked and served, made it a memorable traditional meal.

Scott Wilson was a great host and there were a number of contributions from the floor in what might be called a Burns-Lite affair, and of course a highlight was the Q&A between Scott and Rory, always a man who thinks deeply about the sport and his career.

Derek Wilkinson announced that a sum in excess of £1800 was raised to be handed over to the club, always a grateful recipient with the new season starting to peep over the horizon.

Rory said "It's been a great night and I love coming back but when I come up with Somerset, I give the Monarchs' fans permission to boo me!"

Rory was following in the footsteps of Kenny McKinna and Alun Rossiter as the Guests of Honour at the event.