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Sedgy's last visit, two years ago Image Credit: Ron MacNeill

Sedgy's Happy to be Back

NEWS Thursday 28th March 2019, 9:48pm

by Mike Hunter

Most people would love an Aussie winter but in the case of Justin Sedgmen, he's glad it's over and is much happier now he is back in the UK. He is already picking up bookings over here to get himself in trim for the Armadale opening.

He said "I've been working over the winter for one of my mates, working at the wineries and breweries. I did a fair bit of riding, not as much as you'd do over here but a fair bit, and a fair bit of practise.

"Pretty boring to be honest, I'd rather be over here! I didn't have a very good Aussie title, but I thought if I qualify to be in it then I deserve to be in it, and I did qualify. It was probably my worst Aussie title, I've been second and third before, and won rounds. I was struggling a little bit with engines – the main reason for that was that it wasn't getting serviced by the main guys over here.

"Over there it can be a little bit hard to get parts. It's all good now, I'm just waiting to get an engine back, and I bought a new one so it's all new and all fresh. There should be no dramas there.

"I've done some training and also a fair bit of motocross which is unusual for me, I don't normally do that. It was good fun and something different.

"Since I got back here I've ridden at Redcar and then I had a practise at Belle Vue today to get the bikes bedded in. I felt good in the end, though not perfect. I'm back there on Saturday for the Peter Craven meeting. I just need more laps.

"I'm staying with Sam and Tegan so I'll be helping Sam quite a bit during the season. There shouldn't be any clash with fixtures. Hopefully a few months into the season I can get a place in the top league, we'll cross that bridge when it happens.

"I'll see everyone at the practise day and I think Sam will be up for that as well."