Image Credit: Ron Macneill

First Four Open contenders

NEWS Thursday 30th May 2019, 1:00pm

by Mike Hunter

We are just over a week away from the Harrison's Scottish Open at Armadale next Friday (7th June), and we will be announcing the field over the next few days, starting with four names today.

Sam Masters won the Open title in 2014 and that was the night that Sam's time with us really took off. He is the only rider to have won every major honour, Individual, Pairs, Fours and Team, during the Premier League era. He is currently no. 1 at Wolverhampton and makes no secret of the fact that he would love to be riding regularly at Armadale again.

Ricky Wells is the current Staggs Bar Monarchs' captain and is in his third season with us. He has consistently averaged between 8 and 9 and occasionally peeped over that 9-point barrier that separates the very good from the top class. He has filled the runner-up position in the last two Scottish Opens and would love to step one place up on the podium.

Richie Worrall was a Monarch for the second half of last season and his record here at Armadale is absolutely outstanding. He admitted recently that he would have liked to return but feared his average would be too high if he rode here regularly! He is now doing well at Leicester and Poole and was third in last year's Open.

Joel Andersson has been riding very consistently for us this season. He made his Scottish Open debut last year without pulling up any trees but he has won titles back home including the Swedish Under-21 crown, and would welcome some success on this side of the water.

The next four names will be announced shortly. Unfortunately they won't include Josh Pickering or Justin Sedgmen (2017 Champion) as they are injured, as is former captain Erik Riss who we would otherwise have been very keen to include.

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