Injury update

NEWS Thursday 30th May 2019, 10:59am

by Mike Hunter

The last 8 days or so have not been favourable ones for the Staggs Bar Monarchs with three riders suffering injury. We are obviously monitoring their progress and whilst we are still awaiting various results, this is an up to date picture of the situation.

Josh Pickering took that heavy fall at Birmingham in the final heat of our match there. His shoulder injury is causing concern and he had an MRI Scan yesterday. Results are awaited but he will definitely miss next Friday's Scottish Open.

Justin Sedgmen crashed at Birmingham and also last Friday at Armadale, and he has broken bones in his hand. He reports that it is a bit worse than first thought, and that he has to go back in a week to see if he needs an operation. He hopes to be back in action in three weeks.

Luke Ruddick isn't far away from fitness but reckoned he had crashed in his last 7 meetings! It is a worry as he tries so hard to win points against more experienced riders. His concussion last Friday ruled him out for nine days.

That's as much as we know but we will update supporters when we can.