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Our Dale Devils Image Credit: Jack Cupido

Looking for a couple of young champions

NEWS Friday 11th October 2019, 11:32am

by Mike Hunter

On Saturday evening (start time 6pm) the last track action of the season takes place at Armadale with the Northern Junior League Riders' Championship. There are two competitions, the 500cc event and the 125/150cc event.

Past winners who have gone on to Championship level racing include Liam Carr, Danny Phillips, Joe Lawlor, Kyle Bickley and Leon Flint.

The Northern Junior League is a pretty much essential starting off point for any youngster who fancies trying speedway. They will then find out whether they have an aptitude for it and might consider a higher level of racing. This year 20 riders have ridden at 500cc level (including one or two veterans!) and 14 at 125 or 150cc level.

Dale Devils team manager Alan Budzynski said "All the riders on show consistently put in the miles in pursuit of their desire to be successful 'Speedway Riders' and learn their craft, and I'm sure that they would all like me to thank all who attend or have sponsored the event. I'm sure no-one will be disappointed by their efforts to secure a place on the winner's rostrum."

In the senior event this year, contenders include Armadale's Millar brothers (Lewis and Gregor), George Rotheray (Ashfield), Harry McGurk and Mason Watson (Berwick) – all good prospects.

Danny Smith and Ben Trigger (travelling from Plymouth!) are favourites amongst the younger riders though there will be much interesting in gauging the progress of Theo Pijper's boys Ace and Stene.

The Dale Devils have finished at the foot of the NJL this season but with the Millar brothers and the Pijper brothers, they have shown what the league is all about – bringing on the kids.