Team news soon

NEWS Wednesday 13th November 2019, 10:58am

by Mike Hunter

Supporters will be speculating which riders, in addition to Sam Masters and Josh Pickering, might be likely to join the Monarchs' lineup for the 2020 season.

Work is continuing in the background, and progress is being made, but activity has paused until the points limit is confirmed at this week's Promoters' Conference, which starts today.

We can however let you know two riders from last year's side who won't be rejoining, and it is always a cause for regret to lose guys who have been friends and who have worked hard for the team. Unfortunately various factors, notably points limits, mean you can't always have everyone you want!

Cameron Heeps joined us last year on a 6.04 average and has done an excellent job to push that up to 7.42. He scored 15 in his first away league match for us at Redcar though he didn't always reach that standard away from Armadale. Nevertheless he proved highly popular, very entertaining and we hold him in high regard.

Ricky Wells, last year's team captain, pretty much announced his own departure earlier in the winter. He has moved often in his career and has never stayed at any club longer than three seasons, which is the time he has been with us. He joined in 2017 on an average of 7.9, pushed that up at one stage to over 9 during 2018, but in a disappointing 2019 season dropped to 7.05. Perhaps that indicates that it's time to move again.

We thank them and look forward to seeing them again. News of incoming riders coming soon.