Big step for Lasse

NEWS Sunday 1st December 2019, 12:15pm

by Mike Hunter

Monarchs' new signing Lasse Fredriksen will be the first Norwegian in the UK for some time, following in the footsteps of Reidar Eide and Oyvind Berg in our colours – though they joined more than half a century ago!

Lasse has considered coming to the UK in past seasons but has now decided that it is time to make the move. He said "Yes I feel really ready for it. I think I have lacked meetings so coming to the UK will be the answer, riding much more.

"I have been racing in Sweden in the Allsvenskan league but you don't have many teams over there so it's only around ten meetings plus the playoffs, just riding now and then.

"I plan to stay in Scotland for the summer. I have bought some bikes and some parts, and I've started putting them together. I just need some engines, and I have been in touch with Karger, I guess he has experience of UK tracks. So I guess my machinery will be OK."

It's a big step obviously for the Norwegian who hasn't ridden all that many meetings in his career so far, but has a decent record. He rode one meeting at Armadale in 2018 but everything will be new to him.

"I don't know any of the Monarchs' riders personally but I have watched them ride. I've met Sam a couple of times in the GP qualifiers.

"Armadale is a difficult track but I liked it. It is a home track, you know? If I can practise on it I will get to know the lines. I like the small technical tracks better than the long ones, I've always done better on the smaller. I think when I get used to it, it will be all right.

"I've invested a lot in this, I've wanted to come to the UK for some time and it nearly happened last year, but in the end it didn't. It's also good that I have the winter to get ready and get my equipment sorted."

Speedway in Norway is not in a great state but this will be Lasse Fredriksen's chance to give his country a boost – and he does have Scottish connections. "Norwegian speedway is not good now. I think I did 3 or 4 meetings last year. I have sponsors from here but there are not many riders.

"My father's mother is actually from Scotland, and I have relatives in Scotland and Newcastle. I've never met them but I know I have them! My father and his father are interested in speedway but the rest of the family just watch it because I ride it. They didn't know about it before."