Monarchs Engage with Edinburgh City Plan 2030

NEWS Wednesday 11th March 2020, 8:00pm

by PR Team

Edinburgh Monarchs Speedway are engaging with Edinburgh's Choices for City Plan 2030, the engagement and consultation process for the City of Edinburgh Council's next local development plan.

Monarchs are currently secure and settled at Armadale Stadium for the medium-term, however the Club recognises the challenges that may be faced in the future and have been working proactively in to secure the long-term future of the Club.

In this process, any and all avenues are being explored to secure a future venue that will enable a sustainable path for the Monarchs.

One such avenue is that of the Edinburgh City Plan 2030. This is a long-term project whereby the Club has intimated their desire to explore an option for land to be specifically designated to establish a speedway facility within Edinburgh.

Within this process, different possible speedway stadium models have been suggested as appropriate. One being that of a mixed-use, multi-purpose community stadium such as the National Speedway Stadium in Manchester. Another being an urban speedway-focussed stadium such as Leicester.

The City of Edinburgh Council are encouraging residents and visitors to submit their views. Monarchs encourage all to engage with this process to demonstrate the support for a speedway facility within Edinburgh. This can be done by following this link to the consultation process:

Click here to show your support

Particular attention may be given in the consultation process to Choice 13 and Choice 14 and within these stating your opinion that land within Edinburgh should be specifically designated for either a mixed-use, multi-purpose community speedway stadium or an urban speedway-focussed stadium.

It is also possible to contact Edinburgh City Council directly regarding this process at the following email address:

This consultation process closes on 31st March 2020 so please submit your thoughts before this date.

Monarchs continue to explore all avenues in both the Edinburgh and West Lothian districts, including engaging with both councils, to secure the future of the Club and the sport of Speedway within the local area.

If you would like to discuss this engagement process further then the Club would be pleased to hear from you by email to