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James Sarjeant: 'We packed everything back up and now it's just a waiting game'

NEWS Wednesday 6th May 2020, 9:00am

by PR Team

  Edinburgh Monarchs

James Sarjeant joined John and Liam for another Sunday Lunch With... live question and answer session last weekend where he spoke about the false start to the 2020 season.

John kicked off the session asking James how things went back in March after riding in the Ben Fund fundraising match at Scunthorpe. James said, "Everything was ready to go, we managed to get one meeting in, then just as we were about to head up to Edinburgh, all this kicked off. So we packed everything back up and now it's just a waiting game."

The conversation moved on to the 2020 line-up, "Edinburgh are a team that are always there or thereabouts, we've got a good management that know what they're doing. It looks a good team on paper, which doesn't always translate, but I have a good feeling about this team."

John asked about how James got into the sport, "The company my Dad used to work for sponsored Sheffield. They used to take customers down each Thursday, so I went along one week.

"After that I just got hooked, I loved it.

"I used to sit on Sean Wilson's bike after the meeting and go around on the parade. One week I was told I could actually have a go as Sheffield used to have a training track around the back. So one week we went down and ever since then I've carried on riding each week."

If you missed last weekend's Sunday Lunch, you can watch now over on EMTV.

John and Liam return for another live Sunday Lunch With... question and answer session this Sunday from midday when 2020 What The Fork Monarch Kye Thomson joins them live from Australia.

Ahead of that, EMTV:Rewind presents another fantastic match from the archive, the Premier National Trophy Semi Final 1st Leg against Newcastle from July 1999.

You can watch the next episode here on Friday evening from 7:30pm!