Lasse Fredriksen: 'It was a close call, I was packed up and ready!'

NEWS Saturday 23rd May 2020, 9:00am

by PR Team

  Edinburgh Monarchs

Lasse Fredriksen joined John and Liam live from Norway for a Sunday Lunch whilst celebrating the Norwegian national day - Constitution Day.

John started off the question session asking what happened around the time of the lockdown back in March when the season was close to getting underway, Lasse explained, "It was a close call, I was packed up and ready for the ferry to Denmark. I was just going to my Mum's house to say goodbye, then suddenly we saw the news that Denmark had closed their borders.

"I was going to travel through Denmark to get the ferry from Holland to the UK but with the borders closed I couldn't travel and I had to stay home. If the closure had come one day later I would have been in the UK."

Liam asked Lasse how it felt to be so near yet so far for racing in Monarchs colours, he said, "It was a big blow. I was out practicing a few weeks before, getting everything ready and testing the bikes. But it was the same for everyone, I couldn't do anything about it."

If you missed last weekend's Sunday Lunch, you can watch now over on EMTV.

John and Liam return for another live Sunday Lunch With... question and answer session tomorrow from midday when 2020 What The Fork Monarch Richie Worrall joins them live.