Richie Worrall: 'I'll Be Nice and Bike Fit and Sharp'

NEWS Friday 29th May 2020, 2:00pm

by PR Team

  Edinburgh Monarchs

Reigning Scottish Open Champion and 2020 What The Fork Monarch Richie Worrall joined John and Liam for Sunday Lunch as they discussed all things speedway.

Richie is raring to go and revealed that he has been back on a bike now that lockdown rules in England allow, "Once the lockdown lifted a bit I've been going out doing quite a lot of riding.

"I always train, I always stay fit. I aim for early March thinking 'right, I've got to be ready'. It's hard as there's no date to work towards but you've just got to keep going.

"You can be as fit as you like but you've also got to be bike fit. I've been going out riding my trials bike. It's very, very physically demanding. When we do start I'll be nice and bike fit and sharp."

Asked about the currently delayed start to the season Richie continued, "It is frustrating. We have an exciting team and I'm really looking forward to riding with that bunch of guys. I'm sure we'll still get to do something.

If you missed last weekend's Sunday Lunch, you can watch now over on EMTV.

John and Liam return for another live Sunday Lunch With... question and answer session on Sunday from midday when 2020 What The Fork Monarch William Lawson joins them live.