Alex Harkess eager to get started Image Credit: Ron MacNeill

Ready and Waiting

NEWS Thursday 4th June 2020, 12:00pm

by PR Team

What the Fork Monarchs Chairman, Alex Harkess has confirmed that the Club will be ready to start the 2020 season as soon as the go ahead has been received from the appropriate bodies.

Said Alex, "Of course we don't know for sure what the future will hold for us all. I've been in regular touch with, British Speedway Chairman, Rob Godfrey and I've confirmed all along that we wished to be included in any plans for 2020. We agreed a few weeks ago now that nothing would be finally decided until we get into the month of July so we've still got time before any decision needs to be made."

Stadium owners, the Cochrane family, have also confirmed that the stadium will be ready for action as soon as the green light is given and they are looking forward to welcoming speedway fans in due course.

Harkess continued, "It's highly likely that we'll need to put social distancing measures in place before we can open the doors but we have formulated plans already and we know what's required. We will follow all government regulations to the letter. Our recent survey shows that our fans are ready to come to watch and we are exploring options to utilise all possible space within the stadium if required."

In addition to the What the Fork Monarchs aiming to take to the track, the expectation is that the Armadale Stellar Devils will do so also. Both teams are committed to participating to the fullest extent possible in 2020.