Rory Schlein celebrating his fourth Scottish Open win Image Credit: Ron MacNeill

Rory Schlein: 'I had done four laps and it started snowing'

NEWS Saturday 20th June 2020, 7:30am

by PR Team

Four-time Scottish Open champion and popular ex-Monarch Rory Schlein joined John and Liam for an insightful Sunday Lunch question and answer session.

Rory started off by remembering back to the very start of his British career recalling, "We came over in 2001 and to this day I can still remember it, I'd never been so cold in my life. On press and practice day I'd done four laps and it started snowing and my dad said to me, 'are you sure you want to do this?' and I said 'yeah, this is where I want to be.'

"I had so many people that supported me through that early time and one thing that I will say about the Edinburgh club is that it is so family-orientated.

"Everyone would do everything that they could to help the riders. The fans couldn't do enough and the sponsors couldn't do enough to make sure you were there Friday night ready to race. For me I couldn't have asked to go to a better club because I was supported throughout."

Asked to pick a favourite memory from his time at the club, Rory found it an easy choice, "Obviously it's got to be the 2003 year, we were winning so much away and I remember the support we had at all the away meetings.

"The riders would stay at the same hotel as the fans and some of the stories and the gatherings that we had were special times. That whole year has to be my favourite."

If you missed last weekend's Sunday Lunch with Rory, you can watch now over on EMTV.

John and Liam return for another live Sunday Lunch With... question and answer session tomorrow (Sunday 21st) from midday. Their special guest will be Monarchs legend Bert Harkins.

If you have any questions for Bert then you can ask live on Facebook during the session or email your questions to