Club Statement: No Championship in 2020

NEWS Tuesday 21st July 2020, 12:30pm

by PR Team

It is with great disappointment that the Club has today been informed that no league season at senior level will take place in the UK in 2020.

Although the What The Fork Monarchs promotion are proud to have been a driving force behind efforts to bring senior level league racing to track this year, the decision has been taken by British Speedway's governing body (the BSPL) not to proceed and instead focus efforts on a full return in 2021.

With Government guidance still preventing a return of spectators to professional sport, the possibility of localised lockdowns and challenges involved in bringing internationally based riders into the country, the decision was taken that these uncertainties proved too great a risk to embark upon a regular season.

Club Chairman Alex Harkess commented, "From the outset we have endeavoured to do everything within our power for Edinburgh to run senior league speedway at Armadale Stadium this season.

"Unfortunately that power is not in our hands as both the British and Scottish Governments continue to prevent spectators enjoying professional sport in stadiums.

"This is a big disappointment to the Club and will be a big disappointment to all involved be that supporters, riders and everyone but we must respect that the Government guidelines are in place for the health and safety of all and we endorse this fully.

"We thank everyone for their patience during what has been a drawn out and, at times, frustrating period. We will continue to explore what may be possible in terms of other forms of speedway competition pending changes to the Government advice.

"What I can say with certainty is that we are amassing our energy for a league return in 2021 that is even better for everyone to enjoy."

The Club are currently investigating options for open and junior level racing at Armadale Stadium when possible.

Gold Members will be contacted shortly with details on their membership.