Kevin Little

Kevin Little: 'After I retired I would think - how on earth did I manage to do this?!'

NEWS Friday 16th October 2020, 7:00am

by PR Team

Cup winning Monarchs captain Kevin Little joined John and Liam recently to round off a thoroughly enjoyable first season of the popular Sunday Lunch question and answer series.

Kevin spent five years as a Monarch over two spells (1993-94, 1998-2000). Recalling his second spell with the club he said, "I was really keen for it and it worked out really, really well.

"The 1999 KO Cup final was a highlight. It had been a long season and we had a really good team. The culmination of that was the Cup final against Arena Essex. Some of the meetings to get there were quite tasty and quite close.

"It was a good season because we had James [Grieves] and Peter [Carr]. James was unbelievable that year as a number 1, he was sensational all season.

"We battled hard all year. It was a dramatic night at Arena Essex with all sorts going on. The whole thing was brilliant and to win it in the end was superb."

Speaking on becoming team captain, Kevin said, "I had big boots to fill! To be asked to do it was brilliant and a big honour, but I thought - gosh, how can I do it the Kenny McKinna way?

"I was famed for never winning the coin toss for gate positions. Very rarely anyway - there would be a big celebration if I got the coin toss right!"

Asked if he misses the sport, Kevin said, "You miss the racing sometimes, you miss the camaraderie, the banter, being around the boys. The social side has always been a huge part of the sport.

"You don't miss the travelling, you don't miss washing your bikes and all the time spent in the workshop putting it all together. I don't know how I had the time at the time to do it! After I retired, I would think 'how on earth did I manage to do this?!'

If you missed Sunday Lunch with Kevin, you can watch now over on EMTV.

Kevin Little wrapped up a tremendous first season of Sunday Lunch with the possibility of a second season to come - watch this space...!