Monarchs 100 plan Auction 2!

NEWS Sunday 17th January 2021, 2:12pm

by Mike Hunter

The Monarchs 100 support group are planning to welcome in 2021 by staging their second online auction, following the great success of the one held last summer which raised around £4,000.

Whether it is possible to match that, it's hard to say, but the first stage will be to ask anyone who has anything they feel would be suitable for the event and they would be willing to donate. If so could they email either or

Scott Wilson will again host the event, and his Monarchs 100 colleague Derek Wilkinson (who delivered so many of the items last time) will be involved again. We haven't selected the date yet as first there is organising to do.

For our first auction in June, we had some spectacular items – for example Ronnie Anderson offered a car, and speedway collector David MacDonald donated some of his magnificent collection of Speedway magazines (due to moving house closer to Armadale and downsizing, though he has not yet had the opportunity to visit Armadale due to you-know-what).

Over 100 people viewed the June 2020 Auction on Zoom and we hope to be able to draw at least as many again. We will try to make things go a bit more quickly perhaps, maybe by reducing the number of items by bundling some together.

Although there hasn't been a Monarchs 100 Burns Supper this year, the group will be planning one as soon as it is possible, and will be aiming to maintain the quality of a guest list that already has featured Kenny McKinna, Alun Rossiter, Rory Schlein and Stewart Dickson.