Focus on the Future

NEWS Saturday 6th February 2021, 1:00pm

by PR Team

Throughout Lockdown, Club representatives have continued to meet regularly with the Monarchs Fans Trust committee to explore positive plans for the future.

The Club and Trust are keen to keep improving across all areas including Monarchs race night experience, the approach to retaining current supporters, attracting new supporters and anything else that will improve the Club.

With the above in mind a Monarchs Supporters Focus Group is being set up. The group will have representation from the Club and Monarchs Fans Trust, but its aim is to attract any Club supporter that feels they can positively contribute.

Whilst there will be a couple of hot topics to prompt initial discussion, all new ideas will be welcomed or perhaps even a new twist to an old idea. No idea will be ignored. This group may also act as a sounding board for some of the exciting new projects that the Club currently has in development.

The first meeting will take place on Monday 15th February at 7:00pm via Zoom, and monthly thereafter on the third Monday of each month.

It would be fantastic to welcome anyone with a willingness to work on new ideas into the group and should you wish to join please email

If you have not previously used Zoom then just say in your email and assistance will happily be provided to get you up and running.

All ideas are welcomed so please do not hesitate to join and share your thoughts (if you already have an idea in mind please include this in your email so that time can be designated for this in the meeting). It may just be the idea that makes a huge positive difference to the Club's future. Participating may also help as a distraction from those COVID blues.