Monarchs Speedway Academy Making Terrific Progress

NEWS Tuesday 21st September 2021, 7:00pm

by PR Team

Throughout the summer, Monarchs Speedway Academy has continued to make fantastic progress. Read on to find out all about it.

In early 2021, Monarchs Speedway Academy was formed to create a pathway for young riders to carve out a career in speedway. Over recent months the Academy has hosted regular sessions for young riders to try out speedway and hone their skills.

Monarchs Speedway Academy Co-Ordinator Garry Dickson took the opportunity to bring supporters up to date on the excellent work to date, "I thought it was time for an update to supporters on the superb progress being made with the Academy since its first session at the end of June.

"Off track, we are working hard with the Monarchs Promotion to constitute the Academy formally and there are lots of great ideas to consider and implement before next season which will move us forward.

On track, since the completion of the mini track on the centre green we have had 10 sessions to date on a mixture of Friday evenings pre-meeting or on Saturday afternoons which now run 2-3 hours!

We now have thirteen young riders aged between 6 to 14 who have all shown great progress in such a short time. For example, no fewer than six of the group in the last couple of sessions have moved up from their small bikes to having first laps on a 125cc speedway bike and the back wheels are sliding already!

In the younger age group, we have seen a very shy 6 year old go from watching the others, to having his first laps on his bike after having the stabilisers removed mid- session!

The sessions have been a huge success with the knowledge and enthusiasm of former Monarchs David McAllan and Sean Stoddart being instrumental. We have been knocked out by the progress that these young riders continue to make.

A reminder that we are still open to interest from any young rider who has their own 50cc pit bike/electric bike or similar and their own safety equipment, although we are hoping to open this up further in due course.

An appeal now to riders, ex-riders or supporters. If you have any equipment or small bikes which you believe would do a job in helping develop the Academy riders – even if a bit of maintenance is needed – we would be delighted to hear from you.

In this vein, a shout out to Kenny McKinna for the use of a couple of 125cc bikes of a certain vintage but are great for the Academy. The legacy of ex-director Brian Gray, whose ambition was to build a training track before his passing six years ago, has given us the use of a similar speedway bike."

For more information or if you can help the Academy in any way, please contact us –

You can read more about the Monarchs Speedway Academy over on this page:

Monarchs Speedway Academy