Sam Masters and Danny King on our last visit Image Credit: Anthony Burchell

Off to Poole for the last showdown

PREVIEW Wednesday 27th October 2021, 2:29pm

by Mike Hunter

On a dreich afternoon in Edinburgh, we are pleased to say that the forecast in Poole is much better and so the What the Fork Monarchs should be able to complete their Knockout Cup Final by racing the second leg at Wimborne Road tonight.

Heading down with a 5-point deficit was definitely not the plan but it is the reality, and the riders are well aware that last week's matches were a disappointment to the fans. After that tremendous effort to knock Glasgow out of the Cup, the Playoiff semi-final home and away plus the Knockout Cup Final 1st leg were all below par displays.

Will they be able to lift themselves to put on a good show tonight? That will certainly be the intention though as well know, Poole are a pretty exceptional side who topped the league table.

They have Zaine Kennedy guesting at no. 6 for Stefan Nielsen, and the Leicester Aussie has had a pretty good season. Elsewhere we need to get the better of heat leaders Steve Worrall, Rory Schlein and Danny King, plus second strings Danyon Hume and Ben Cook. If any of them are out of touch, they have Benjamin Basso waiting in reserve.

We can't presume that Poole will be complacent and be more pre-occupied with the Playoff Final against Glasgow to come (whenever the rain stops up here) though you never know.

None of our riders can guest in the Playoff Final so this is their last chance to make a mark for 2021. We managed 42 points in the league visit to Poole in August, and since then have introduced Drew Kemp, Jason Edwards and Anders Rowe to the side. Theoretically we should do better! Sam, Josh and Richie all scored double figures back then, and of course two of these are ex-Poole men.

The minimum target should be to put up a good performance and thereafter, we can assess how the season has been overall. Even though we didn't rise to the occasions last week, being Cup Finalists and Playoff semi-finalists is nothing to be sneezed at.