Image Credit: Jack Cupido

Job Not Done Yet

PREVIEW Friday 22nd April 2022, 11:50am

by Graham Muncie

While many would say the What the Fork Monarchs have 1 foot in the quarter finals of the KO Cup after that 8-point win at Brough Park in the first leg last weekend nothing can be taken for granted tonight and the Monarchs know the job is not complete.

The Diamonds will head north with a plethora of Armadale experience and know how in their line-up with former league winning Monarchs Max Clegg and Matthew Wethers sure to be backed up by Scottish Open winner James Wright and ever reliable Paul Starke.

Throw in the unknown factor of Lee Complin on his first Armadale visit in many a year and Kiwi newcomer George Congreve and another exciting night looks in store.

For the home men it is probably a case of more of the same as we saw last Friday please, the 10-point victory over Berwick was a welcome result with encouraging signs for the new boys in the team as well.

Lasse Fredriksen hit the ground running with a solid weekend of displays including heat wins at both Armadale and Newcastle and will be looking for more of the same, Paco Castagna would probably have classed last weekend as a good few day's work barring an unfortunate heat 15 incident at Berwick but heat wins all 3 nights alongside an away heat 15 nomination at Berwick is a good weekend in anyone's book and while the going was a little tougher for Jacob Hook the young Aussie did beat his opposite number in all 3 heat 2 encounters over the weekend and will have gained valuable experience.

At the top end the Monarchs saw exactly what they would be hoping for with Sam Masters in imperious form wracking up paid 39 points over the piece while Josh Pickering dusted himself down after that horrible looking crash at Shielfield (video available on his Facebook page if you are that way inclined) to keep the big points coming in and after a week of big scoring for Kings Lynn his confidence will be sky high also.

One change to the programme for Newcastle with Bradley Wilson-Dean on the side-lines with a shoulder injury rider replacement comes into play with all the Diamonds capable of an extra ride, on paper you would argue this strengthens the visitors with the riders mentioned previously all looking at a busy night but as shown by the 0 point return the facility garnered at Glasgow last week this isn't always the case.

Another night of top action looks in store then as the visitors look to at least build some confidence after some heavy defeats on the road so far while the home men look to make sure there is no slip ups after doing the hard work in the 1st leg while also gaining experience around Armadale with big matches to come in the not-too-distant future.

Tapes up at 7.30pm with tickets still available or the ability to pay at the gate also, for those that can't make it along as all matches from Armadale are the match will be live streamed visit the EMTV page on the official website to purchase.

What the For Monarchs: Sam Masters, Lasse Fredriksen, Paco Castagna, Kye Thomson, Josh PIckering, Jacob Hook, James Sarjeant

Newcastle Diamonds: Bradley Wilson-Dean R/R, Matthew Wethers, James Wright, Max Clegg, Paul Starke, Lee Complin, George Congreve