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George with Armando Castagna Image Credit: David Harkess

Farewell to George Young

NEWS Wednesday 27th April 2022, 9:00am

by Mike Hunter

As most Edinburgh fans may well have heard by now, we have had to say goodbye this week to George Young, a very familiar figure at Armadale and a man who has made a tremendous contribution to the club over the years.

His association with Monarchs started in the sixties when he was a second half rider, and although he didn't achieve glory on the track, he never lost his interest in the sport. When we started the Monarchs Grand Draw in 1993 George quickly became the most successful Agent with over 100 tickets in the draw, many belonging to work colleagues at McTaggart Scott.

When he retired he arranged to pass these tickets to Mark Lawrence who has continued to make a similar contribution. George lost his wife Frances a few years ago but had managed to rebuild his life, increasing his speedway involvement by taking the role of Clerk of the Course at Armadale. He became a very well known figure with his cheery and sociable demeanour, and made a lot of new friends around the northern tracks.

Unfortunately luck was not with him and he became ill a couple of years ago. He has fought against this bravely and with good humour but he has lost the battle.

Club chairman Alex Harkess has known George longer than any of us. He explained "When we were 15 George and I both played for the same football team, Edinburgh Norton. We were in a Cup Final at Tynecastle and we won it 1-0! I know that George carried the photo from the Evening News around with him for many years.

"We went our separate ways but met again through Speedway in the Powderhall days. He still looked the same, in fact he never changed even in recent years, and he still had the same laugh. After he lost Frances I suggested to him that he might like to become our Clerk of the Course, and after saying no many times he eventually agreed.

"After he retired I was called by his work to arrange a retirement present for him, and because of my position in Speedway at the time I was able to take him to a Grand Prix where he enjoyed meeting people like Ole Olsen and Armando Castagna, and watched from Hospitality.

"We will all miss George and his famous laugh."