Paco and Kye chase Ben Cook Image Credit: Tony Hartman

So close to a point at Poole

REPORT Wednesday 1st June 2022, 10:16pm

by Mike Hunter

The WTF Monarchs came very close to taking another remarkable point in the Championship, coming just one point short as they went down 41-49 at Poole tonight. Prior to this match the best visiting score this season had been 37.

As in the previous night's match at Plymouth team manager John Campbell felt the team had done very well. He said "I think we put on a really good performance in what was a really good meeting. I think Stevie Worrall was very harsh in his manoeuvres on the back straight on lap one of heat 15, and if he hadn't turned left on Josh then Josh may have got through there to secure us a point.

"I'm sure people would say 'It's racing' but Josh is furious at the end of it. But I think we did well and Jason Edwards was an excellent guest obviously.

"We had been on a 5-1 in heat 14 but after Ben Cook had passed Paco, Jason thought it was Paco coming under him. He wasn't prepared for Cook coming through. If Paco had been as harsh as that heat 15 move we'd definitely have got that point".

Sam Masters was in great form once again, winning four heats and defeating all of the home heat leaders over the evening. One of the rides of the night was his third-to-first effort past Ben Cook and Worrall in heat 5.

Josh Pickering was also effective and there was an excellent display from guest reserve Jason Edwards, showing exactly why the Monarchs would have loved to keep him after his performances in our colours at the end of last season.

Kye Thomson and Paco Castagna found it tough going at the home of the champions but plugged away for a few points. Ben Cook also had a third-to-first ride, and there were enjoyable tussles featuring Edwards against both Drew Kemp and Nathan Ablitt. Poole could point to a couple of unlucky moments, an engine failure for Zack Cook and a fall by Drew Kemp.

Sam Masters praised the track during the evening as the best he'd known in in all the years he had raced there.

In some ways it was similar to the previous night's match, with the heat 9 tac sub ride for Masters and the requirement for a 5-1 in the last race. This time neither of these things quite came off. On the opening corner of the final race, Masters was clear and it seemed that Pickering had the speed to come between the Poole men, but the gap was slammed shut.