West Lothian Community Stadium

Monarchs Announce Plans for West Lothian Community Stadium

NEWS Wednesday 29th June 2022, 10:30am

by Edinburgh Monarchs Speedway

  Edinburgh Monarchs

Edinburgh Monarchs Speedway is pleased to announce plans to construct a new stadium in the heart of West Lothian to open in spring 2023.

West Lothian Community Stadium will host the Monarchs speedway team alongside a range of projects and youth initiatives creating new opportunities for the local community.

An extensive search has identified the ideal location for the stadium just a stone's throw away from M8 junction 3A in Deans Industrial Estate, Livingston.

Development Director Gordon Campbell said, "West Lothian Community Stadium is a massively exciting development for the Monarchs and for West Lothian.

"Through an extensive search we have identified the perfect location for the stadium where the Monarchs will thrive for years to come while also significantly increasing our ability to deliver benefits to the local community.

"Following detailed discussions with West Lothian Council, the site has been selected for its ease of access while also being in a place that will cause no disruption to local residents."

Subject to successfully acquiring the land, plans are in place to construct a 1,500 capacity stadium with uninterrupted viewing of the internationally-certified 260 metre speedway track, capable of hosting world events, and a youth training track for Monarchs Speedway Academy. Facilities for community activities will be incorporated into multi-use areas of the stadium.

Development will take a phased approach determined by available funds, continued Campbell, "We will deliver a high quality stadium that will offer a terrific spectator experience and a base for community activities.

"Our plans will be implemented in a phased manner based on the funds that we attract, with funding almost in place for the very initial phase.

"We are actively looking to speak with anyone who would be interested in adding funds to allow us to accelerate through the phases of constructing West Lothian Community Stadium."

Community activity will be a significant part of the regular operation of the stadium with a broad base of projects already lined up, explained Campbell, "In recent years at Edinburgh Monarchs Speedway we have grown our community arm of the Club and the new stadium will be the catalyst to drive this further.

"An area of focus is to provide a platform for training and skills development to boost employability of local young people through initiatives such as Monarchs Speedway Academy, RUTS (Rural & Urban Training Scheme), and Monarchs Innovation Centre."

West Lothian Community Stadium will secure the future of Edinburgh Monarchs Speedway for the longterm which has been a much sought after goal of the Club. Monarchs Co-Promoter John Campbell said, "For years we have aimed to secure the future of the Monarchs. Today's announcement is a massive step towards this.

"West Lothian Council has been supportive of our efforts so far but there is still much work to be done to deliver the stadium. We will need the continued backing of the local community and the Council to secure the site for our use, to support the project through the Planning Application process, and to construct the stadium.

"We will also continue our efforts to secure as much funding as possible to build the best stadium we can for our fans and for the community.

"We would be pleased to hear from any businesses or interested persons with the ability to add funds or relevant skills to help construct the stadium.

"This is an immensely exciting project and we believe it will capture the imagination of the local community, of Monarchs fans, and of the wider speedway public to support us along the way."

Anyone interested in supporting the Monarchs development of West Lothian Community Stadium can email future@edinburghmonarchs.co.uk

The delivery of West Lothian Community Stadium is subject to successfully securing the site and obtaining planning permission from West Lothian Council.

Display This Friday

Plans for West Lothian Community Stadium will be on display at Armadale Stadium at this Friday's Championship match against Scunthorpe Scorpions. Gates open 6:30pm, action starts 7:30pm.