Heat 1 from last year's Scunthorpe visit Image Credit: Jack Cupido

The battle for the Playoffs continues

NEWS Wednesday 29th June 2022, 8:00pm

by Mike Hunter

  Edinburgh Monarchs

While the news of Monarchs' future plans has grabbed the immediate attention throughout the sport, we must focus once again on a vital match in the current season as another team in contention for the Playoff places, Scunthorpe Scorpions, arrives at Armadale on Friday.

Traditionally these two sides race their league matches home and away over a weekend and that is the case this week with Monarchs travelling south to race at the Eddie Wright Raceway on Sunday. First of all they will want to dispatch the Scorpions from Armadale without a point on Friday.

Leading man for the visitors will certainly be Australian Ryan Douglas, a team mate of Sam Masters at Wolverhampton and a rider very much in form this season, well placed in the Championship averages. They have a solid side though it is ten years since Scunthorpe won at Armadale. They will have new signing James Wright in their ranks and will also use track expert Theo Pijper as a guest for the injured Jake Allen.

On the Monarchs' side, it will be the first time since mid-May that the full strength side will be on-track, with Lasse Fredriksen and James Sarjeant returning to the fray after injury.

Looking forward to the weekend, team manager Alex Harkess said "Scunthorpe are a team that has been a bit like ourselves, in the middle of the league. I don't think they have done a lot away from home, they are certainly much stronger at home. It's up to ourselves that we don't find ourselves in the position of last Friday, giving the visiting team thoughts that they might win! We all want to enjoy the night, without the pressure.

"But they are a very good home team. We will be looking to gain at least a point away from home, which we look for everywhere."

Friday's Championship match will be Live Streamed. Details on www.edinburghmonarchs.co.uk Sunday's match at Scunthorpe will be on their stream, details at tv.scunthorpe-speedway.com


Friday 1st July: Edinburgh Monarchs v Scunthorpe Scorpions (Championship), Armadale, 7:30pm

WTF MONARCHS: Sam Masters (capt.), Lasse Fredriksen, Kye Thomson, Paco Castagna, Josh Pickering, Jacob Hook, James Sarjeant.

ATTIS SCORPIONS: Ryan Douglas, Simon Lambert (captain), Jordan Palin, James Wright, Theo Pijper (guest), Connor Coles, Zaine Kennedy.

Sunday 3rd July: Scunthorpe Scorpions v Edinburgh Monarchs (Championship), Eddie Wright Raceway, 5pm