The great Bert Harkins with Monarchs tie

New impetus for Monarchs 100 with encouragement from legend Bert

NEWS Friday 1st July 2022, 3:07pm

by Mike Hunter

The announcement of the new stadium plans this week might encourage additional supporters to be involved in the forthcoming Monarchs 100 Forth Bridge Walk – and the legendary former Monarchs' captain Bert Harkins has added his support.

The walk, organised as ever by Scott Wilson and Derek Wilkinson of Monarchs 100, is on the morning of the Summer Cup visit by Monarchs to Glasgow on 31st July, starting at 10am, with several of the team planning to be there before heading for Ashfield.

The Bridge Walk won't pay for the stadium of course, but all fundraising efforts take on a new importance. Bert Harkins has had two spells as Monarchs' captain, in 1969 and again in the late 70s, and he keeps a keen eye on what's going on with the Monarchs.

He said "News of the proposed new track is excellent I wish the venture every success, and great to hear the news that the Monarchs 100 Fund Raising group are planning another 'Forth Bridge Walk' , their third one in aid of the Monarchs and the Monarchs Academy.

"Just think, next year the event could be advertised as "The Fourth Forth Bridge Walk"! I hope they are walking ON the bridge and not over the top of it and just watch out for the trains!

"The Walk is a great way for supporters to help and is a fun day with fellow Monarchs fans. I must say that the Monarchs fans have always been very good at helping the team, even 'way back to the far-off days of Old Meadowbank, Coatbridge and Powderhall, the Edinburgh fans have always been very generous to the riders and it is great to see that tradition carrying on.

"I'm very pleased to see that the mini-track and Academy are included in the new plans. It is exciting to see riders getting started in Speedway at such a young age, when I was a similar age, all I could do was ride Cycle Speedway and dream of riding a Speedway bike and now these young lads have a great opportunity to make the grade in the sport.

"By sponsoring someone in the Forth Bridge Walk, you will be doing your bit to keep Scottish Speedway alive and kicking and once more heading for the top of the sport.

"Good Luck to the Monarchs 100 team and all the walkers, runners and riders heading over the Forth Bridge!"

Bert Harkins