West Lothian Community Stadium Update: Contact Your Councillors

NEWS Monday 22nd August 2022, 5:30pm

by PR Team

  Edinburgh Monarchs

Monarchs fans who live in West Lothian are encouraged to support the development of West Lothian Community Stadium - read on to find out more!

Monarchs recently announced plans to construct West Lothian Community Stadium on a potential site at Deans Industrial Estate which is currently owned by West Lothian Council.

Supporters who live within the West Lothian Council area are encouraged to contact their local councillors to show their support for the development of the new stadium.

By contacting your local councillors you can make them aware of what a terrific facility the new stadium will be for the local area. You may wish to mention some of the below key points, along with your own thoughts, in your message to councillors:

  • Edinburgh Monarchs Speedway propose to build a 1,500 capacity modern stadium at Deans Industrial Estate, Livingston.
  • The Club has searched for an appropriate site for many years, including working with the Council Property Services department, but only this site at Deans has been found to fit all needs and is in a very suitable location for all. If the Council do not support the Monarchs at this site then it will be difficult to source an alternative site.
  • West Lothian Community Stadium will secure the long term future of both the Monarchs and speedway in the local area.
  • Alongside speedway, a range of community activities and uses will also be hosted at the new stadium offering many benefits to the local area including training, skills and employability development for young people.
  • The stadium will be delivered at no cost to West Lothian Council, the Council own the proposed site and need only make it available for the development of the stadium.
  • The stadium will be built to international standards, enabling world class speedway events to be hosted at the stadium generating significant international coverage and tourism revenue for the area.
  • Monarchs current home of 26 years at Armadale Stadium will close at the end of the 2022 season for redevelopment so the Club is moving quickly to ensure their new home at West Lothian Community Stadium is up and running for Spring 2023. The timely support of West Lothian Council will be critical to make this a reality.

Contact details of all West Lothian Councillors can be found here:

Find Your Local Councillors

Please only contact the councillors that represent the ward that you live in.