Lasse rides in Euro Final

NEWS Saturday 27th August 2022, 1:43pm

by Mike Hunter

  Edinburgh Monarchs

The European Pairs might be one of the lesser international competitions but it is still a good chance for riders to gain experience, and for the most part this is how it is used.

The final takes place tonight at Slangerup in Denmark and there is Edinburgh interest, especially with Lasse Fredriksen competing for Norway. He is listed as reserve though this is probably tactical, as he is the current national champion. His team mates are Glenn Moi and Mathias Pollestad.

Teams are made up of three riders and hopefully there won't be the embarrassment of some of the qualifiers with had a one-man team (Holland) and quite a few with two men.

Our former riders Victor Palovaara and Joel Andersson line up for Sweden along with Mathias Thornblom. Great Britain are using Harris, Flint and Brennan which unsatisfactorily deprives Berwick of their top two in a match v Scunthorpe which has a bearing on the Playoffs.

The strongest looking teams are probably the Czechs whose top two of Millik and Kvech are competing, and the Danes who have Rasmus Jensen and Michael Jepsen Jensen plus Jonas Sieffert-Silk.

It must be one of Norway's most prominent achievements for a while to get here, and a good score for Lasse would be a feather in his cap.