Farewell to Armadale Details Revealed

NEWS Monday 29th August 2022, 7:30pm

by PR Team

  Edinburgh Monarchs

With the number of remaining fixtures at Armadale Stadium now down to single digits, early details of the farewell celebration have been announced.

The celebratory night will take place in October and will feature a special edition of the Scottish Open Championship - including a top field featuring current and former Monarchs.

With a long list of riders eligible, a hugely competitive field is expected to compete for the coveted Jack Young Memorial Trophy.

Special guests from throughout the era will be invited to reminisce on the most successful period in the Club's history.

Plans are underway that will not only see the Championship staged, but also an "after party" take place at the stadium following the main event.

The exact date for the celebration will be confirmed following the results of fixtures in early September and will likely be a Saturday in October to allow as many fans as possible to travel and witness the historic event.