Wayne, Matthew, Peter, Frede and Rory celebrate with the crowd Image Credit: Jimmy Grant

EMTV+ addition celebrates 20th anniversary of league success

NEWS Thursday 19th October 2023, 3:00pm


  Edinburgh Monarchs

Long-term Monarchs' fans if asked for their personal favourite season would give a variety of answers, but it would be very likely that season 2003 would feature highly in the voting.

It was Monarchs' first league title winning season, and it had been carefully planned over the two year period leading up to the lifting of the trophy.

Monarchs had an immaculate blend of youth (Rory Schlein, Magnus Karlsson, Theo Pijper, Matthew Wethers) and experience (Frede Schott, Peter Carr, Wayne Carter) and were able to overcome the loss of Derek Sneddon to an early season injury.

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Mike Hunter's Highlight

Looking at my ratings of matches, it seems that the early season wasn't especially notable for classic meetings but there were several rated 9 out of 10 towards the end. The one that sticks in my mind for atmosphere and tension was against the Isle of Wight, our main challengers, on 12th September. I remember Peter Carr after a stunning win from the back coming in and saying "I'd have ridden through him if I had to!"

The driving force for the year was Frede Schott (in his second year back) who had told Alan Bridgett that we would win the league, and that he would top the averages. Both came to pass as the other talents in the team rose brilliantly to Frede's inspiring leadership.

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