NEWS Friday 25th July 2008, 11:33pm

by Mike Hunter

  Edinburgh Monarchs

Monarchs' guest Carl Stonehewer was injured in heat 1, but the remaining riders performed brilliantly to clinch victory with three races remaining, eventually taking the points by 55-37.

The first heat was an absolute disaster and took over half an hour to complete. Firstly, Thomas Jonasson and Josh Auty were both excluded on 2 minutes before anyone knew the match had started.

Jonasson was replaced by Sneddon while Auty went off 15 metres. Derek made the gate with Stoney alongside him - but as Derek swung into the turn, the two home men clipped and Stoney fell against the fence.

Derek was excluded, Stoney was out of the meeting with a foot injury, and replacement Aaron Summers did well to hold second in the rerun.

It was the start of a good night for Aaron who took numerous vital points. The Tully-Fisher pairing was generally devastating, skipper Sneddon won three heats, Thomas Jonasson dropped just one point after heat 1 and Matthew did his bit too.

On the first dry track for weeks there was a great deal of fascinating racing, including some old-style team riding by Wethers-Sneddon in heat 11 and Tully-Summers in heat 12.

The later effort brought a 5-1 which made victory certain.

We wish Carl Stonehewer well and congratulate the Monarchs on a great performance.