Bay City Rollers


NEWS Friday 29th July 2016, 9:00am

by Toby Lerone

That's the sound that will be blasted out at Armadale on Friday as one of the founders of the Bay City Rollers, Alan Longmuir, joins us for our match against Sheffield

For our younger viewers who may not have heard of the Bay City Rollers were an Edinburgh based pop band formed in the mid 1960s who went on to enjoy world stardom in the mid 1970s and have recently launched a comeback to great acclaim.

Alan will be a guest of meeting sponsor, the Edinburgh Evening News entertainments editor, who will be presenting a show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe based on Longmuir's life story called " I ran with the Gang." We're not sure if we'll get Alan singing but he will be available for photographs.

As to the match itself, Sheffield have been hit by injuries in their home match with Peterborough last night The Panthers won and that was really due to the loss of Simon Stead through injury in his first race. He will be replaced by Ricky Wells who has been dropped out of the USA World Cup team for the race-off at Belle Vue.

Also injured last night was Frenchman Dimitri Berge. He scored a paid maximum in his first five races but finished last in heat 15 and, apparently, suffered a knee injured that will prevent him travelling to Armadale. That causes a reshuffle to the Tigers team with Glasgow's Richie Worrall coming into replace the injured Jason Garrity and rider replacement covering for Berge giving extra rides to Howarth, Bates and the reserves.

All of a sudden the match has become very tasty indeed.