William Lawson practising in the mud Image Credit: Peter Hill

Championship will be hotly contested

NEWS Thursday 1st October 2020, 8:00pm

by Mike Hunter

Our short two-event season comes to a close on Friday night with the Caledonian Riders' Championship, our fourth staging, and we can say one thing – every rider in the field will want to take advantage of this opportunity.

As far as winning the Championship, it is hard to look further than the three Championship reserves who are turning out, though holder Elliot Kelly will not give up his crown without a fight.

Home man William Lawson will have his first serious outing of the season in his new racing gear, and Monarchs' fans will be keen to see how William is shaping up even without any further fixtures this year. He will be a key man in 2021 hopefully.

Berwick too will want to have a good look at their boys Kyle Bickley and Leon Flint. Neither has made a huge impression at Armadale in the past but we have to expect that one day they will, and Flint especially has been working hard in this limited season.

Greg Blair is an interesting name because he showed a lot of potential at one time – but that was around a decade ago! He was a regular in the Berwick team in 2009, and was up for our practise session a few weeks ago.

The Millar brothers Lewis and Gregor of course have their supporters and in last year's event looked well up to National League standard. They will be keen to make their mark again.

Harry McGurk is the elder of the Bradford-based brothers and was a Cradley rider last season – it's good to see him willing to travel up for the event.

After thinking he would miss out due to work commitments, George Rothery has just confirmed his availability, and he was the impressive winner of last year's Northern Junior League event in October. He will be a real dark horse.

Berwick junior Mason Watson and Tynesider Danny Smith have competed before and are well worth watching. That leaves Luke Muff who while not a youngster is a relative newcomer to Speedway.

So there is plenty to look out for, and you can watch it on the EMTV Livestream.

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